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What is GeHCo?

The Global eHealth Collaborative (GeHCo) has been established to work with health informatics expertise committed to upskill the current workforce and train the next generation of e-health designers, builders, implementers, maintainers and users needed to solve the unique challenges associated with digital clinical knowledge acquisition, application, sharing and use. This includes system architecture, schema, tooling, educational resource and health informatics standards development, testing and evaluation as well as associated implementation approaches, in a safe simulated collaborative environment.

GeHCo is passionate about the need for solving eHealth and Health Informatics implementation issues including education. We see this as an essential building block underpinning the necessary reform in the health industry, enabling the population as a whole to have equitable access to safe and effective health care within a sustainable health system.

GeHCo Background and Approach

How we can collaborate with you

Education Philosophy and Services

Our Expertise

Collaborators and Partnerships

  • eHealth Education Pty Ltd RTO 32279, Australia
  • Ocean Informatics, Australia and UK
  • OpenEHR Foundation – University College London, UK
  • Ministry of Health and University of Brazilia, Brazil
  • RMIT University, Australia
  • Animo Consultancy, UK
  • University of San Sebastian, Santiago, Chile

The following Strategic Goals serve as a guide for all activities undertaken on behalf of this Trust.

  1. Collaborate with those who share this vision.
  2. Actively collaborate with local, national and global professional networks.
  3. Actively participate in the development of health informatics standards and associated implementation approaches.
  4. Actively collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to further develop health informatics competencies reflecting new health informatics roles and associated learning strategies.
  5. Provide health workforce and consumer education to enable accurate and fit for use health data that is recorded, exchanged and used in clinical knowledge systems.
  6. Develop tools and educational resources to support eHealth and make these available to the wider community.
  7. Provide eHealth scholarships, opportunities for work experience, mentoring, and support of connected networks for the employment of health informaticians.
  8. Collaborate to publish relevant eHealth research and white papers.


Trustee Company Name Open eHealth Foundation Pty Ltd
Australian Company Number (ACN) 604 485 216
Trust Name The Open eHealth Collaborative Trust
Trading Name Global eHealth Collaborative (GeHCo)
Australian Business Number (ABN)    65 328 875 750
Telephone: +61 3 9653 9210
Postal Address 503/166 Wellington Parade
East Melbourne Vic 3002
Telephone: +61 (0)408 309 839
Website: www.gehco.org
eMail info@gehco.org
Insurance: Public Liability insurance - $20M ;
Professional Indemnity Insurance -  $2M.


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