Nursing Informatics Project

Nursing informatics integrates nursing science, its information and knowledge with information and communication technologies.

GeHCo supports nursing informatics through various projects, resources and education.

Nursing Informatics Resources

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) 

An eHealth Programme  that includes a telenursing network s and an online forum for nurses.

 International Classification for Nursing Practice ( ICNP®)

Provides a formal terminology
for nursing practice and a framework into which existing vocabularies and classifications can
be cross-mapped to enable comparison of nursing data.

Clinical Care Classification System 

A free empirically developed system consisting of two parts: a) Standardized Coded Nursing Terminology and b) Information Model designed for the electronic documentation of Clinical Nursing Practice

TIGER Virtual Learning Environment

Powered by HIMSS, the TIGER VLE is a one-stop online health information and technology education portal for academic professionals, students, adult learners, and clinical educators.

HIMSS Nursing Informatics Resources

An online community for Nursing Informatics professionals including nursing research, job listings, networking, salary guides, and education.