Education philosophy and services

GeHCo education and service philosophy is based upon the following principles:

  • quality education focused on
    • practical workplace needs
    • delivered flexibly
    • developed through collaboration with suitable education providers, professional bodies and world experts
  • Available consultants and mentors to assist with workplace needs (e.g. skill gap analysis and workforce development strategies)
  • Management and delivery of resources for education and other eHealth requirements - including through access or bundles of regularly updated materials to members, for example: shared cost of development and shared availability of resources.
  • Development of course materials that are shared by educational organizations, including where required provision of experienced lecturers/tutors
  • Shared maintenance of course content and resources to reduce overheads and improve consistency and quality
  • Communication facilitation open publication of course information to provide a 'one stop shop' for those wishing to find courses in a specific area. This could be shared with governments, education providers and professional bodies.