International Computer Drivers License (ICDL)

The ICDL is the International Computer Driver's License

The passport to the practical use of information technology in your job, your home, your life.

Have your skill recognised around the world and Become digitally literate to suit your business today

  • Meet the new National Informatics Standards for Nurses and Midwives, ICDL modules provide the foundation
  • Get ahead and get certified - Full certificate consists of 7 modules,
  • Choose your profile, expand your options, be more productive, stay relevant
  • All training and testing is done on-line
  • Demonstrate you meet pre-requisite knowledge and skills for eHe’s Health Informatics courses
  • Get qualified for more jobs with more skills, less stress dealing with workplace computing requirements.
  • Update your skills as technology changes. Sets you apart from job opportunity competition.
  • Watch your efficiency soar as you work better and faster.
  • Saves staff time – UK NHS research demonstrated 30 min/staff member per day saved.
  • Join the 13 million people worldwide who have chosen ICDL.

ICDL Asia require you to have an ICDL student registration number which you get when you do your first course.

ICDL Australia

 ECDL Foundation is a registered business name of The European Computer Driving Licence Foundation Limited. ICDL Asia is the organisation established by ECDL Foundation to operate the ICDL programme in Asia.