Argonaut Australia and HL7 Australia

GEHCO was present at this HL7 Australia event last week, hosted by Telstra Health.

The Argonaut project is an international project where vendors and HL7 FHIR standards are developed to meet specific EMR use cases and needs.

Australia is the first National Affiliate of HL7 International to establish a national approach to Argonaut and may serve as the template for other countries to undertake a similar approach.

This is the first event of the New HL7 Australia.  This new organisational structure will take HL7 into a more appropriate and modern legal structure to protect the organisation and the members.  This organisation is now a company limited by guarantee, and membership will be available shortly.

An update was presented on the day by Vince MacCauley, CMIO for Telstra Health. Key out takes include:

  • Rolling out real-time prescribing – to reduce multi-drug issues and overuse.
  • EMRs integration between primary and secondary care is one of the focus points.
  • FHIR is being used in:

o   Smartforms

o   MEDview – national medication reconciliation

o   Enterprise Provider Director (EPD)

o   Terminology server implementation in conjunction with CSIRO national Terminology Server

o   National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR)

o   Clinical Decision Support Service

o   Real time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM)

Participation through working groups and future events will alllow you to get involved. Any questions or queries email at