Unleashing the power of global health data

This informative article outlines two key ways to harness the power of health data in order to tackle exist healthcare problems and improve healthcare delivery.

The first point refers to a lack of standardisation across ehealth technologies. While technology exists to capture data they still operate in silos, have different frameworks and standards, and store information in varying formats.

"If healthcare is to truly leverage the power of data, it is vital that standards are developed to break down silos, thus improving the accessibility, utility and scalability of healthcare data." it states.

The second point refers to "the fragmented healthcare data landscape" and recommends a data standards framework be implemented with the following levers:

1. The creation of a global vision and person-centric principles for a global health informatics architecture to increase value in healthcare

2. Landscaping existing health informatics standardization initiatives to identify gaps and overlaps in ongoing work

3. The coordination and endorsement of ongoing standardization initiatives based on how closely they fit with the global vision and person-centric principles

4. Use cases to demonstrate how health data standardization can create value in healthcare

5. Implementation and policy recommendations to enable learning from past effort and implementation at scale

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