Why we need an open platform

Dr. Evelyn Hovenga, the CEO, and Director of eHealth Education and GeHCo, presented a paper on 'Why we need to consider adopting an open platform' at the Victorian Healthcare Week conference in Melbourne.

The paper emphasised the importance of exchanging, linking and sharing data and information to "maximise collaboration, automate performance monitoring, routine reporting and the use of professionally developed algorithms supporting decision making at various levels."

However, such functionality requires a high-level of semantic interoperability and preferably a vendor-neutral clinical data repository.

Dr. Hovenga presented examples of exemplary implementations and detailed transition strategies that will enable the continuing use of current EMR systems whilst improving semantic interoperability, and clinical data usability to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

She states: '....the adoption of an open platform along with an agreed EHR structure optimally supports all clinical processes associated with professional clinical practice and patient centred journeys through the health system".

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