eHRol –  electronic Health Record – online learning

An eHR and clinical coding simulator, student management and assessment tool.

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The Challenge

There is currently a shortage of appropriately trained clinical coders and employers want coders who are work ready and to up-skill existing coders.

Training organisations find it difficult to find suitable staff to teach and develop clinical coding courses, and the workload in maintaining those courses is so extensive that few organisations can justify the costs involved.

Training organisations are also finding it difficult to attract and provide students with material that mimics the medical records, and the workplace situation that they will encounter when employed.


eHRolTM began out of clinical coder training issues identified by eHealth Education and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology working with the Global eHealth Collaborative (GeHCo).  A Clinical Coder Training Tool (CCTT) project was established as a collaboration project between GeHCo, Western Health, the Department of Education and Training, Department of Health and Human Services and Victoria University Polytechnic in Victoria, Australia.

This innovative tool is built to replicate the real-world coding experience via an easy to access online, secure, cloud-based platform.

eHRolTM consists of a repository of health records, coding solutions (answers and student feedback which have been agreed by multi-organisational review) and step-by-step interactive learning programs. With over 1,000 health records available, eHRolTM ensures consistency of coding and answers with an applied standardised marking methodology.


Simulated Workplace

  • Deidentified real patient records - short scenarios, partial and complete medical records in an EHR simulated environment.
  • Post discharge processing simulation provides a random sample records which meet specified training requirements directly to students.
  • Answers are automatically marked, and feedback provided using industry agreed solutions.

Ease of course creation

  • Reduce the effort to create and maintain coding material by sharing the load with others.

Improve Consistency

  • Standardised industry tested answers and feedback will ensure consistency of clinical coding rule interpretation skills across the industry and improve our knowledge of areas of potential consistency improvement.

Part of a community

  • Engage and contribute to quality  decision and continuous improvements to the learning platform.
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Administration portal

  • Set up your organisation, groups or individual students and decide coding topics and difficulty levels for them to use.

Learning modules

  • eHRolTM uses quality online learning for clinical coder training such as – staged learning modules, practice or assessment modules, quality assured answers and feedback, standardised marking methodology.

Quality content

  • Patient and record information is maintained in a simulated eHR  and includes correct codes, common mistakes maintained for alternative code systems and each version of that code system (e.g. ICD-10-AM 10th edition, ICD-10 UK).

Learning advice portal

  • Provides access to online coding feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

Who will benefit from using eHRolTM ?

  • Governments seeking to expand the number of clinical coders in their jurisdictions
  • Clinical Coding educational organisations
  • Clinical Coding and Health Information Management professional bodies seeking to ensure the quality and provide training in clinical coding
  • Healthcare organisations
  • Individual experienced clinical coders and health information managers
  • Individuals seeking to confirm their skills or improve their coding skills.
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Acknowledgment of Project Partners 

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Within Australia:

eHRolTM is being piloted by Victoria University Polytechnic and Western health.  The tool will be available more widely in Australia from January 2019.

For further information on this phase please contact us or the CCTT Project Manager at Victoria University Polytechnic: Yvonne Russell,



eHRolTM  is available for ICD-10-AM 10th edition from 1st September 2018 outside Australia


eHRolTM is being trailed by Rotherham NHS FT in England where they are adding answers and content using the ICD-10-UK 5th edition and OPCS 4.8 interventions code system.

eHRolTM enables easy online access to upskill staff.

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