Health Informatics Projects

Members of the GEHCO community work with national and international standards bodies to develop, contribute and educate the community about health informatics standards.

The GEHCO approach

  • assist development of quality standards through support of experts experienced in standards to improve the utility of standards and the delivery of standards products in a timely manner
  • establish and manage sponsorship of standards development on a project basis for industry priority standards including:
    • stakeholder engagement
    • project advancement through relevant standards body
    • communication and education regarding the standard to encourage use and application of the standard
  • support mentoring of new contributors to the standards processes, including succession planning and building the workforce
  • collect and analyse utility of published standards and modifications needed to meet industry needs.

Current projects include:

ISO TC215 - Health Informatics  - Healthcare Terminology Resource Map Quality Measures  (MapQual)

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Standards Knowledge Management Tool - international glossary and library of standards and terms used in standards.

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Health Informatics Standards Bodies with which GeHCO is involved include:

International Standards Organisation

ISO/TC215 Health Informatics

ISO/TC249 Traditional Chinese Medicine

HL7 International

Joint Initiative Council for Health Informatics Standards - JIC

SNOMED International