How GeHCo collaborates

GeHCo can call on a growing team of available eHealth experts from Australia and around the globe to identify where health IT can be meaningfully used within the eHealth environment and to solve practical problems in eHealth development and implementation. We can provide a broad range of solutions, educational programs and professional services to:

  1. Governments and Decision Makers – who need to be able to make decisions for an e-enabled healthcare environment to address workforce skill gaps, risks, opportunities, cost effective methods associated with resource sharing, find experts in specific health topics, available or required standards.
  2. Software vendors – looking for expertise, professional development, expertise in assessment of risk or identify opportunities to develop products that are future focused for minimum investment with clear points of difference.
  3. Standards developers and Users – time constrained volunteer skilled community, to support development and deliver better dissemination and successful standards implementation.
  4. Individuals – including Healthcare, ICT, and Administration Professionals seeking quality education and/or professional development focused on practical workplace eHealth needs.
  5. Researchers seeking knowledge and skills regarding health data science, eHealth systems to enable effective result comparability and leverage little data for big data analytics
  6. Health service and Professional organisations – to manage and/or promote safe, effective and sustainable healthcare delivery by making the best possible use of available information and telecommunication technologies.
  7. Universities and other Education providers – with insufficient eHealth experienced and skilled educators, low student numbers, managing maintenance of highly changeable course content. Course development flexibility and scope often represent high risk to these organizations, that risk and financial investment can be reduced and quality assured when developments are partnered with GeHCo.  Opportunities include joint ventures such as shared educational resources and tooling.
  8. Any stakeholder – looking for specialized expertise to address specific Health industry related issues and/or standards.

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We play a central role in eHealth problem solving and health informatics workforce capacity building and offer: