Defining an Open Platform

The Open Platform Approach

There has been growing global interest in the concept of an Open Digital Platform for health care based on open standards.

Components and systems conforming to an open platform approach are 'open' in terms of data, models, and APIs.

GeHCo is collaborating with global partners and organisations to assist with and promote the Open Platform approach.

Key Resources

Apperta Foundation

Apperta has published Defining an Open Platform to make the case for open platforms.

It lays out a blueprint for an open platform architecture at a level of detail that would allow any willing party to build a first-generation implementation of an open platform that would be interoperable with any other.

Their proposal is based on HL7 FHIR, SNOMED-CT, IHE-XDS and openEHR and since publication there has been increasing interest in open platform approaches with open platform technology being implemented in the UK.

Comments and feedback are welcome via their Community Innovation Portal here

OpenEHR Foundation

openEHR is a virtual community working on means of turning health data from the physical form into electronic form and ensuring universal interoperability among all forms of electronic data. The primary focus of its endeavour is on electronic health records (EHR) and related systems.

The openEHR approach is multi-level, single source modelling within a service-oriented software architecture, in which models built by domain experts are in their own layer. It is delineated by a set of specifications published by the openEHR Foundation.

Valuable videos and presentations from their latest 'OpenEHR Day' in April 2018 in Plymouth can be found here.

openEHR - open data platforms in medical informatics

This document outlines clearly what openEHR is, the value of using it, and the open health platform approach. It gives real and interesting case study examples.

Download the report here.

Future clinical information is open

The future of social and healthcare information and systems is structured, open and adjustable.

Read this interesting blog post by Tieto here.

Video: Tomaz Gornik: The Postmodern EHR

Watch an informative video from the co-chair of the OpenEHR foundation.

Watch the video here.