eHRol – Optimize your clinical coder training

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  • Simulates the real-world coding experience
  • Online cloud based solution
  • Unique scoring algorithm
  • Reduce the time and cost of clinical coder training
  • Designed to be globally compatible
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
There is currently a worldwide shortage of skilled clinical coders. Training organisations and employers need ‘work ready’ coders, access to real medical records, and easy tools to teach and conduct consistent, reliable assessments as well as ongoing professional development support.
eHRol® can solve these real-world problems with a groundbreaking eHR and clinical coding simulator platform

Who is it for?

Designed and built by HIMS, with government support, eHRol® is a cost-effective tool to support coding training, professional development and assessments.
From hospital clinical coding managers and staff to educational organisations responsible for the delivery of Health Information training, eHRol® is the only tool of its kind to ensure consistent quality coder training.
All provided by an agreed licensing arrangement. Contact us to find out more.
 How does it work?

eHRol® enables:

  • simulated real-world coding experience with access to thousands of clinical episodes and scenarios
  • a realistic experience for students and coding professionals.
  • access anywhere, anytime to an online cloud-based solution
  • automated answers and feedback governed by a panel of experts
  • a unique scoring algorithm, eHRol® will score student attempts consistently and provide constructive feedback for common errors
  • student & organisation portals for reporting and communication
“Successful clinical coders require access to 'live' medical records to practice on. This tool is about getting students work ready by providing tools that equip them with actual practical experience."
Scott Grentell
Manager, Clinical Coding Services, Western Health

A global platform

eHRol® has been designed to be globally compatible, and can be configured for any code system or version (including SNOMED CT™).

eHRol®makes course maintenance tasks for new coding rules or versions easier. It manages maintenance tasks with a shared governance model to ensure quality, and reduce maintenance costs.e

"Before using eHRol, replicating a ‘real-world’ records environment was very difficult. When training new coders, eHRol has proven to be the ideal tool for both teaching, practice and assessment."
Darren Freestone
Consultant - Health Information Management - HealthPRO Learning
"This resource is an effective training tool for future clinical coders to assist in the development of a sustainable and skilled workforce."
western health staff member
Annette de Jager
Accredited & Workforce Training RTO Manager - Western Health