GeHCo Projects

  • Provision of standards education strategy and resources including webinars, explanatory documentation and check sheets, conference presentations to inform the community in simple, cost effective ways.  This includes provision of standards experts and consultants to explain and assist with engagement to ensure the professional body issues are heard and that your members are informed of standards directions and impacts.
  • Project based support for volunteer standards developers to deliver required publications in a timely fashion, using acknowledged standards development experts AND engaging with the community for confirmation of the direction of and need focus of the standard.
  • Standards communication strategy development
  • Development of IT tooling to support education and other eHealth initiatives.


  • Access to internationally recognised and experienced eHealth experts who have implemented a wide range of different approaches and can identify essential issues associated with risks and opportunities.
  • Access to GeHCO’s eHealth expert register - with information provided on expertise)

Current areas of specialization include developing collaborative solutions plus professional development, educational services and implementing key components associated with semantic data, information and knowledge exchange between information systems that enable safe, cost effective and sustainable healthcare service delivery including:

  • Unique identifiers
  • Terminologies, mapping, value sets
  • Electronic Health Records, system integration
  • Clinical information modelling using the Domain Clinical Model (DCM) approach
  • Clinical Knowledge governance
  • Data design and governance
  • Use of standards
  • Using data for secondary use and analytics

As our collaborative network expands these topic areas will continue to grow.

Our Educational Products

GeHCo offer numerous short courses suitable for ‘just in time learning’. These modules may be combined to comprise a full higher education subject. In addition, a number of online assessments are offered free of charge to enable potential students to diagnose their own knowledge and skill sets or gaps. High quality courses are delivered online and via various additional delivery modes to suit individuals’ learning pace, time availability and style.

Current Projects

  1. International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Coding Simulation Learning Resource.
  2. Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) – for training purposes
  3. Electronic Health Record Simulation Learning, Evaluation and Demonstration Resource
  4. ISO Technical Specification – Healthcare Terminology Resource Map Quality Measures (MapQual)
  5. Standards development and education regarding the implementation.